The Catholic Center at Kennesaw State University, working in conjunction with the Catholic Student Union (CSU), is conveniently located on Campus Loop Road next to the Lutheran church! We are committed to serving the students, faculty, and alumni of KSU by providing:

  • Monastic style chapel
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A library/study areas/lounges
  • Computers, printers, large screen TV, and media box
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Limited free parking

The Catholic Center mission is to:

Provide opportunities to explore, engage, pursue, and understand the spiritual element of our lives;
Explore the concepts of God and religion as they relate personally and communally;
Engage in dialogue with and to experience the Person of God through the various vehicles of approach, religion being one among them; and,
Understand the intent of ideas, practices and approaches of a religion as time-honored pathways to the Person of God.

Catholic Student Union (CSU) Mission Statement:

To promote the Christian community in all aspects at KSU and to provide service to the surrounding community.